What to Expect as a Project Backer

What to Expect as a Backer

You’ve found a Project you want to Fuel, now what?

1. This is the easy part, select a reward level from the project and choose the quantity you want to back for.

2. An email will be sent to you to confirm your pledge (check your spam folder).  Confirm the pledge and you’re all set!

When Do I Pay?

You will have to wait until the Project funds (has enough backers to reach the project’s goal).

You will be notified of the progress on the project via email as the goal gets closer and eventually when it funds!

When you get the final notice that the project has funded 100% you will be able to “check out” – this is when you will be asked to login to your Paypal acct (or set one up) and the funds are collected.

Once the funds are collected, you will get updates from the Project Manager on the progress of the project until it fulfils and ships to you.  There is a window of collecting funds which is usually 2 weeks, please be sure to check your messages so that you can get your rewards!

You can pledge as often as you like for as many projects as you like, there are no limits.  Projects may fund at any time, the Project Manager may decide to put a limit on how long the fund raising will run for or leave it open-ended.

Can I Pledge After a Project has Funded?

Yes, while the project is collecting funds (a minimum of 48hrs), additional Backers can jump on board and place orders immediately going to checkout via Paypal.

Crowd-funding is a Crazy World!

One thing to keep in mind is that this is a crowd-funder, and not all projects will survive the process of coming to life.  We recommend not pledging for more than you are willing to lose. 

With that said, it is the Project Manger’s responsibility to make every effort to deliver what was promised, or deliver whatever they are able to make by the end of the project.  Deadlines will slide, it is very common for the process to go wrong and need revisions, do not panic about delivery dates.  It is very likely that the money that you pledged has gone towards the project in some way, so refunds are not likely to happen.  The reputation of the Project Manager is at stake, research them and discuss with each other if they are a reputable company or a person that you would like to back.


Gifted Vision inc takes no responsibility on delivery of any of the Projects and is simply a service platform on which Backers can connect with Project Managers.

Our sincerest wish is that Projects fulfil and everyone is happy!

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